OEM Appliance Services

Although Distribution and Fulfillment is the origin of our company, we have created an unusual niche for ourselves by providing “job shop services” to major appliance OEM’s. “Job Shop Services” means a lot of things, and the best way to explain what we do is by describing below the many services we perform. We have appliance engineers on staff, facilities set up for appliances, and equipment tailored to the industry. From railcar loads to one-zee’s and two-zee’s, and from refrigerators to disposals, our capabilities can handle every size and volume. For more information on our products and services such as,

Appliance Modifications

Take a refrigerator fresh off your production line; assemble top, sides, and handles over the case and, viola, a stainless steel refrigerator or any look the customer wants. This is how we got one OEM into the stainless look in a matter of weeks! Appliance Modifications can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Advance Distribution Services!
Fulfillment Services
Reverse Logistics
Supply Chain Solutions
Before Stainless
Cladding Process
ADS Copper Accent Design
Finished Product

Appliance Private Labeling

Using existing models, ADS will remove your OEM identity (logos, literature, serial plates) and replace with your customer’s private label name. Anyone can be in the appliance business these days, even at low volumes, using ADS and our Appliance Private Labeling service.

International Appliance Conversions

Sometimes an international customer wants a specific model appliance that will not operate in a foreign market. By modifying a domestic model’s electrical system to operate overseas, ADS will make sure an OEM does not miss out on foreign sales opportunities, even if they are only a 100 units. Contact us about what we can do for you regarding International Appliance Conversions.

Rework Finished Goods

Oops! When an OEM finds out there is a bad component in 3,000 ranges sitting in inventory, ADS will come to the rescue. We’ll work with your engineers (or your supplier) and replace the right component in all 3,000 lickety-split.

Returns Management

A headache for every business, and appliance OEM’s are no different. We’ll manage the entire process of receiving, inspecting, recartoning, scrapping, shipping, and even selling, every return from D/W panels to side by sides. There is even money to be made in repairing some returns and we’ll show you how.

Low Volume Production

Some OEM models never achieve big numbers but must remain a part of your offering. Out-sourcing assembly of these low volume units to ADS can make sense for your customer and your pocketbook. One year we did dishwashers, the next dryers. What can we do for you?

Appliance Distribution Center

Logistics is a costly component and Louisville’s geographic location is the perfect place from which to distribute OEM products. We’ve been processing appliances for 30 years and have the facilities, staff, and equipment designed specifically for appliances.