Advanced Distribution Services has been in business for over 50 years located in Louisville, KY.


Advance Distribution operates two facilities aggregating over 1.3 million square feet in Louisville, Kentucky. Our staff manages 80 truck docks, 6 rail car sidings, 3 conveyor systems, and a fleet of material handling equipment. No other Kentucky distribution and logistics company can claim the same resources and facilities as us. For more information on our products and services such as Fulfillment Services, Reverse Logistics, our Kentucky Warehouse, and Supply Chain Solutions

2349 Miller’s Lane Louisville, Ky 40216

2349 Miller’s Lane Louisville, Ky 40216

1944 So. 16th Street Louisville, Ky 40210


Our number one asset, our staff! The core of our employees have been with ADS over fifteen years with a focus on customer care & experience. Unlike most other companies, our focus on employees translates to outstanding value to customers and shareholders.


Technology is the driver behind today’s Third Party Logistics providers and continuous improvement in our systems capabilities is a never ending process. From replacing our network infrastructure with fiber optic to order processing via the internet, our communications capabilities are constantly changing. ADS operates on a variety of platforms using outside software providers for our operating systems. Many of our customers have imbedded their own systems within our facilities for our staff to manage client applications remotely. Everything from old fashioned paper processes to bar-coding to wireless technology is utilized by our organization. All customers receive scanned digital documents as part of our on-going initiative to eliminate paper handling and improve efficiencies.


ADS must constantly rearrange and invest in its facilities & processes to meet new client demands, such as controlled environments or direct links with client mainframes.