Kitting Services, Outsource Assembly and Subassembly

ADS is a cost effective supplier for companies seeking to outsource assembly and subassembly jobs. We have consistently lowered client service call rates on products contracted to ADS by paying attention to simple details. We recognize that you can choose from many competitors that do subassembly and assemble components, make kits, or sequence parts, but our lower overhead and quality assurance give us an edge that you should consider when you outsource assembly. Our kitting services and assembly services are available for most products, simply contact us for more information.
This encompasses a variety of products and evolved from our Fulfillment Services. The common thread is that we take a few widgets, documents, or whatever, put them in a carton of some type (spec’d by the customer, naturally), label it, and get it out the door. We could be sequencing parts for an automotive company, or putting together a haz mat kit for UPS. No matter how you need it, you can count on ADS’s Louisville, Kentucky midwest packaging center to get it right the first time.