For the last 30 + years ADS, like many in the state of Kentucky, has made its living off of “America’s Official Native Spirit”. From storing bottles, to case packing, to pallet storage, to case picking, to case labeling, to case shipping, we know Kentucky Bourbon.

By managing warehousing and distribution programs for a variety of large alcoholic beverage customers we’ve been given the know how to handle any industry supply chain need. ADS is licensed to receive, store, and distribute, beer, wine and spirits. In addition, ADS also provides warehousing and distribution services for manufacturers of glass bottles used by distillers. ADS’ list of capabilities, however already extensive, is rapidly growing as we continue to organically grow within our current customers due to the unique demands of the alcoholic beverage industry, such as fluctuations in outbound order volumes, special packaging and labeling requirements, and distinctive inventory requirements. Specific to our alcoholic beverage customers the addition of our WMS allows us the added capability of lot, date, and batch tracking. Our temperature-controlled space allows us keep certain alcoholic beverages from damage due to seasonal highs and lows. Our pick and pack service offering allows for the accurate order fulfillment of multiple product lines, brands, or flavors. ADS can manage high SKU volumes and fast product turn rates even in complex picking environments. Other value-added and order fulfillment services that ADS provides include:


ADS has unique software that allows us to develop and print any kind of label requirement. We have the ability to produce UPC barcodes, UCC128, and state case code labels. In addition, we can design any brand label needed for market sales. No label too big or too small for our capabilities!


ADS manages Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) bonded space for our distilled customers, within our warehouse operations. This bonded warehouse space allows ADS to store and ship case goods products with delayed tax payments for our customers. ADS has a long history of managing TTB bonded space and the requirements associated with such warehouse operations; simply contact us for more information


ADS offers flexible space at variable cost, which can expand or contract, based on your exact business needs. If you have fluctuating space requirements because of seasonal inventory, product overflow in existing distribution centers or first-time marketplace entry for a new product or region we have the necessary space to handle the overflow of your goods on a short- or long-term basis.


ADS is skilled in kitting and assembling value and variety liquor packs, including holiday gift packs, promotional ‘buy one get one free’ gift packs and club store pallet displays. We currently produce about 200,000 cases (and growing) each year for the holiday season. This encompasses ramping up labor and equipment demands in order to complete each case on time, if not ahead of schedule.