On March 1, 2013 ADS launched its latest advances in media trends. Please visit our site at advancedistribution.com and take the virtual tour.

With the new redesigned and added social media trends, we hope that your visit to advancedistribution.com allows you to easily navigate through our paths to find the services that you are looking for.

Trends that you will find on our site, include:

  • Brief flash presentation, by our President Brian Johnson, that gives a complete overview of “who we are” and the services we provide.
  • Rotating billboards that highlight our “core” capabilities.
  • Request a quote or information by utilizing our short contact form.
  • Downloadable design questionnaire to provide in-depth information for quicker turnaround on pricing requests.
  • Access ADS’s Client Online log-in & Warehouse Management Software for real-time inventory and tracking and tracing.
  • YouTube videos for “How-To’s” and logistics news updates.
  • Branded Facebook page to stay connected with what’s happening at ADS.
  • Informational BLOG about current happenings at ADS and in the logistics industry.

The new site follows the rapidly evolving demand in interactive technologies and allows our current and potential new customers to search our site with time savings that increase their productivity.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the new site please contact our Marketing Manager, Mary McDonald at mmcdonald@advancedistribution.com.